Cheryl D Washington

Family Practice

"My name is Cheryl D Washington. I am an almost 68 yr old Afro- American woman. The quesDorr was asked of me, how did FCHC came into my life and how do I like it?"

In 1996 my mom and I went to visit her sister and found my Aunt’s grandson (my 5 month old cousin) was very sick. His mother was on drugs, didn’t have an ID, and no money to fill his prescription. I went to have it filled. After the antibiotics ran out, my cousin was going to need a follow-up appointment. Nobody had the time to take him to FCHC which at the time was located at 15620 So Wood St, in Harvey, IL.

I was attending So Suburban College doing my prerequistions for the Radiology program and didn’t have a lot of extra time myself, nor was I hls mother. I called to make the appointment anyway and was able to explain the sitviaDori to Dr Laurie DeBonnett. A long time ago one was able to speak to a Doctor and she told me to bring him in. Since his medical records were on file and I was a relative, I was able to be worked into the system. My mom started the legal process to care for him and eventually we were given proper paperwork to be seen. I legally adopted my cousin by age 2.

After Dr DeBonnett left FCHC, Dr Wanda Hatter-Stewart became my son’s Doctor. Since I was so pleased with her and the staff, I became a patient too for my needs because of school. I ended up adopting my son’s brother and an 8 day old baby boy while in the 2 year Radiology program at Malcolm X College. Dr Stewart became the PCP for my three sons, myself and my mother until her transition. Now we have been blessed with Dr Jerome Buster.

If it had not have been for FCHC my cousin who has legally become my son since the age of 2 yrs old, would probably be dead. He went thru so much in those two yrs until the adoption process was final. He is 26 yrs old now.
It is my hope to remain a patient there until I meet my maker.

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