Faith N. Hawkins

FCHC Patient

"Family Christian Health Center has really made an impact on my family's life. We have truly embraced what FCHC has to offer.  From dental, counseling, walk in clinic, pharmacy, nutrition and doctors.

The experience we have had here has shaped and spoiled us when it comes to customer services.  There is a high bar of standards that FCHC follows; and it makes me feel welcomed.  Over the past 15 years of utilizing services with FCHC it has not been all great but when I have had a concern/issue it was handled in a timely manner.  My older kids have been seen with Dr. Dixon who even when she has not seen them in a long while she remember who they are.  Each time I am in the office if I see Dr. Dixon she ask about my kids by name.  It is so wonderful to have personal touch like that.  More recent my younger kids were being seen by Dr. Cook, very special doctor who knows how and when to pray with me for my babies.  Dr. Jordan is now the doctor for my kids, due to location being closer to my home, and he has really stepped up to the plate.  He is a breath of fresh air that listens and understands.  His bedside manner and location is one of the reason I switch peds for my older kids. I can’t forget the young ladies at the Dolton location Ms. Claire and Ms. Sheryl.  They are such a great team and always friendly and accommodating.  I recent have interacted with Ms. Chaunte Pender, she is a joy to speak with.  I had 2 preemie babies that need appointments within 2 days of being released from the hospital and she worked her magic each time.  When I left her a message for the second baby, she called me right back and without telling her who I was she remembered and that I needed early morning appt due to my work schedule.  I don’t know if you have every been to a place where people know your name and acknowledge you.  It feels so good.  I can honestly say FCHC has really put together a dream team of staff and they are my superheroes.  I can never say enough thanks and give enough praise to my team of heroes.  I know that this team was built for my family and as far as I am concerned, they only work with us.  God really knew how to complete my family’s village when he sent us to FCHC.  Thank you for all you do. ”

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