William C. Jordan, MD
Provider Name: William C. Jordan, MD
Specialization: Pediatric Medicine
Location: Dolton, IL
Medical School Name: Univ. of Chicago Pritzker
Years of Experience:  21
Language/s:  English

Short Bio: 

Originally from Philadelphia, I have been in Chicago for most of my adult life and consider this my home as I have made countless phenomenal friends and even met my wife. My wife is a family physician. In our limited free time, we enjoy reading, superhero/action movies, tennis and serving our church community. Although the pandemic has been isolating for us, we keep in touch with family and friends via Zoom, text and phone. Although this picture may be the only time you see me without a mask know that I am smiling underneath, especially if you greet me with a hearty “Wakanda Forever”.

My Approach to Health Care:

I have spent my entire career serving in areas considered underserved and do my best to provide engaging, educational and exceptional pediatric care for babies, toddlers, teens and in betweens. I can provide advice, referrals and medications, but it means nothing if it is not understood and utilized — my approach only matters in partnership with the parents and guardians who bring these kiddos in to clinic. If we can laugh together, pray together and learn together then I have no doubt that we will be able to provide your child(ren) with the best plan for them to live healthy and fulfilling lives.


Family Christian Health Center
  • 31 West 155th Street Harvey, IL 60426
  • (708) 596-5177
Dolton Location – Pediatric Services Only
  • 713 E 142nd Street Dolton, Illinois 60419
  • (708) 596-5177
Lynwood Location
  • 19767 S. Torrence Avenue Lynwood, Illinois 60411
  • (708) 596-5177

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