About Family Christian Health Center

Family Christian Health Center is a 501 3(c), FQHC (Federally Qualified Health Center) providing health services to the underserved in Harvey, IL and the Southland communities. Our mission is to provide excellent healthcare to the community that communicates in word and deed the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ.

FCHC Mission Statement
The mission of Family Christian Health Center is to provide excellent healthcare to the community that communicates in word and deed the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ.

FCHC Vision Statement
Family Christian Health Center will become the premier provider of quality community services to underserved areas, achieving outstanding medical, relational and spiritual outcomes as a distinctively Christian organization.

Our Approach

When you become a Patient, we become your Partner.

Our Patient
We understand that a typical doctor’s visit extends far beyond the exam room. That’s why our approach is to address the whole person. Our care team includes assessing our patients physical, spiritual, emotional, psychological and financial needs. We believe that by focusing on these causes we can greatly improve overall health and wellness.

Our Partner
We also believe in partnering with you on your health journey. From diagnoses and treatments to referrals and recommendations are just half-way to better health. The other half is YOU!

“Family Christian Health Center strives to address all patients needs today, as well as prepare them for the possibilities of tomorrow.”
Lisa Green, DO, MPH — Chief Executive Officer
Family Practice

FCHC Value Statements

  • Faith: Our foundation is a daily dependence on our Lord, Jesus Christ trusting Him and knowing that we can accomplish, with boldness and humility, the mission of Family Christian Health Center.

  • Compassion: We believe all people should experience comfort and care – being treated as Jesus Christ would treat them – rich in grace, mercy, empathy and love.

  • Service: A commitment to helping others with an attitude of love, by giving of ones’ self for the care and benefit of another that promotes integrity, friendliness, trust, dependability and loyalty to each other and our Lord.

  • Excellence: We provide extraordinary, innovative care and service in all that we do; constantly striving to achieve greatness; fully utilizing our gifts and talents to honor the Lord and each other at all times.

  • Teamwork: We believe each individual is essential to our success and commit to work together as one.

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Family Christian Health Center
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